RH kovovýroba - Ing. Radan Hepnar

Bunging apparatus and Sampling valves

KOVOVÝROBA RH has been active on the market since 1993 and continues old traditions of the piping and fitting manufacturer used for brewer´s stock beer cellars – the company Jindŕich Purma – JIREGA. Mr. Jindřich Purma numbers among the top experts in construction and design of brew houses as well as mini breweries and stock beer cellars. KOVOVÝROBA RH products, e.g. Bunging apparatus and Sampling valves, are used as accessories with stock-beer tanks both in Czech and foreign breweries (see references). Company KOVOVÝROBA RH is also engaged in production and supplies of the following equipments:

  • Mini-breweries and Micro-breweries
  • Equipment for beer barrelling into party-kegs
  • Washing and sanitary equipment used in the stock-beer tanks

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